The BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE corporate strategy says: We want to be a flexible and reliable supplier. This strategy is reflected in the whole production department. BONNEL has quality and modern technologies and it can offer quick in-house solutions. Compared to other companies, BONNEL can guarantee flexible and very quick supplies to its customers. All BONNEL products go through 100% quality inspection of manufactured electronics performed as a functional test.

Competences of our Production

Technical preparation of production

In the competitive stage we define exact production processes and individual production operations, including a parts catalogue of individual products and a production costs calculation. We participate in the change management during the product life cycle.
One of significant tasks of the technical preparation of production is to give incentives and recommendations how to optimize the product design. The main output of continuous improvement is the peak effectivity of production proces.

SMT production

Our top-of-the-range workplace for SMT mounting is configured and customized for BONNEL electronics. Part of the SMT production line there are individual machines, such as automated silk-screen printing, a mounting robot, a recasting oven,  checks between individual operations to the final quality control at output. For soldering we apply rinse-free flux substances.

THT production

The THT production is composed of a manual workplace for the assembly of THD components and subsequent the most modern technology for selective THD soldering. BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE disposes of a special workplace equipped with a selective soldering machine ERSA Ecoselect 1. This compact system enables flexible production of small and medium-sized batches. Permanent, high quality and aesthetical circuits can be achieved when the whole soldering process is carried out in nitrogen atmosphere.
In addition, this workplace is equipped for cutting milled and grooved PCBs apart.

PCB washing and painting

A specialized workplace for PCB washing is equipped with a highly efficient, automated machine Super SWASH II, thanks to which BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE is able to guarantee strict criteria for the cleanliness of electronic assemblies after soldering
Our specialized painting workplace ensures flexibility when covering sudden peaks in the production and dispatch. We perform selective painting and hand paint application.

Mechanical workshop

Our mechanical workshop specializes in machining, especially of plastics and light metals.  It is equipped with CNC milling machines and conventional lathes, fixtures and tools.


At our assembly workplaces, the assembly of individual products and sets is finalized. For our assembly staff there are quality hand-operated tools, such as branded, lightweight electrical screwdrivers with switching torque. These tools ensure high quality of working operations and employees´ high standard of work and health safety.

Testing workplace

Electrical tests are performed at workplaces equipped with the latest devices - digital multimeres, laboratory sources, oscilloscopes, counters, EMC spectral analyzers and others.
For mass production testing we develop and manufacture testers (testing devices) for in-circuit tests, firmware recording and complete functional testing.
All BONNEL products go through 100% quality inspection of manufactured electronics performed as a functional test.

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