The management of BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE company and all its employees are fully aware of their responsibility for environmental protection which is an integral part of all the corporate activities starting from Development to Production in accordance with the valid legislation.

General principles

  • We comply with legal and other requirements related to the protection of environment and natural resources
  • We strive to prevent possible risks and impacts of corporate activities on the environment
  • We use environmentally friendly production technologies, machines, devices and production procedures
  • We ensure safe working environment
  • We sort and recycle waste from all our workplaces. We motivate our staff to decrease waste and to save energies
  • We set the targets of our environmental policy and we regularly check how they are fulfilled
  • We require from our partners full co-operation and compliance with the valid environmental legislation

What we do

  • Optimization of the corporate fleet operation
  • Optimization of transportation in co-operation with partner freight carriers
  • Ecological operation of production technologies (selective painting, selective soldering)
  • Effective recycling of waste
  • Recycling of packaging material - its re-use for the dispatch